Since the beginning of human existence, we have all been captivated by the mind-blowing phenomenon that is time. It has divided many wise men yet has never been truly understood.

Time is greater than we can ever comprehend yet we can all enjoy the passing of time depending on how we choose to spend it. The tracking of time allows us to pinpoint valuable memories and savour moments we hold closest to our hearts.

Every year brings new technological advancements making tracking time easier than ever yet wristwatches remain an essential accessory for every modern man. A true indication of our desires for more than just practicality and proof luxury, beauty and style are eternal.

Almost exactly one century after the wristwatch became popular we decided to design a collection of our own. We believe a wristwatch should not only be a statement of style and class but also a celebration of craftsmanship, built with passion and expertly built components. All Giovici watches embrace this ensuring you not only enjoy a great looking watch you receive a watch built to stand the tests of time.

You will find the Latin phrase "Veni Vidi Vici" engraved on the rear of each Giovici watch translating as "I came, I saw, I conquered" it embodies our goal as a company with a mission to be known as the most cutting-edge designer wristwatches of the modern era.

We invite you to explore our collection and look forward to you becoming one of our clients for many years to come.