Top 5 Most Expensive Watches in 2016!

At Giovici we champion craftsmanship, intricacy and elegance.

That’s why we did some research and put together this list of some of the most expensive and detailed watches on the market in 2016!

So what makes these luxury watches so expensive?

Essentially it comes down to 3 key factors;

  1. How unique or how much value can be attributed to the piece, through elements such as it’s heritage or the company who made it.
  2. The intricate details of what the watches functionalities are and the amount of time that it took to make the piece.
  3. Expensive watch parts, such as diamonds, gold or even in some cases meteor rock!

Each watch on this list has these attributes, but are they worth the price tags? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Louis Moinet - Turbillon Mars, valued at $4.6m

5. LOUIS MOINET - METEORIS - $4,600,000

The cheapest watch on this list comes in at a whopping $4.6 million, which shows you the calibre of watch we will be discussing here!

There are four watches in this collection, all valued at this price and with good reason!

Aside from the obvious beauty of the design and the expense of some of the materials that have been used to make this watch, the main reason the Meteoris Collection is priced at $4.6 million, is due to it’s dials, which have been crafted from various meteor fragments.

The Tourbillon Moon timepiece uses a fragment of a meteorite, which is an authentic piece of the moon for its dial.

The Tourbillon Rosetta Stone’s dial is crafted from an asteroid that is believed to have hailed from Mercury.

The Tourbillon Mars uses authentic astroid pieces from mars in it’s dial.

The Tourbillon Asteroid boasts dials crafted from an asteroid that studies believe was formed near the Sun.

So you certainly won’t be able to go out and craft this watch yourself, as those resources are virtually unobtainable to the average man, giving this watch it’s high price tag!

4. HUBLOT - BIG BANG - $5,000,000

Whilst the Meteoris Collection is made up of rare parts, the Big Bang consists mostly of one component, diamonds!

Crafted from a staggering 1280 diamonds, none of which are less than 3 carats, it actually took Hublot over a year to make this watch, mainly because it took so long to source all those diamonds!

Each diamond was cut by the same jeweller, meaning that each one was cut in the same signature shape.


The first pocket watch to make the list!

Not only that, but it was sold way back in 1999 for $11 million, so it would almost certainly be worth even more today!

One of the reasons this pocket watch fetches such a high price is it’s detail, that took almost 5 years to complete.

It is made up of an impressive 24 functions, making it one of the most complicated pocket watches of all time!

Another reason is that it was made by Patek Phillippe himself, way back in 1933 for the wealthy banker Henry Graves, hence the name!

2. CHOPARD - 201 CARAT WATCH - $25,000,000

You’ve probably guessed by now why this is so expensive! With 874 rare diamonds, this timepiece is one of the most expensive watches on the market! Unlike the Hublot, these diamonds do not follow any kind of pattern, meaning Chopard have been both applauded and criticised for its unique look.

That being said, they were able to combine so many diamonds together that you would notice knew ones everyday if it was on your wrist!


The most expensive watch on this list is another pocket watch!

This Breguet time piece is rich in history, it took 45 years to complete and is by far the most complex watch designed back in the 18th century.

Abraham-Louis Breguet started working on the pocket watch in 1782, before it was finished by his son in 1827.

The watch was subsequently stolen in the late 1900’s and it was only retrieved in 2007.

It was then subsequently valued at $30 million in 2014 and now resides in the L.A Mayor Museum.


And that’s our list! Did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments!

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